THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who helped to make Trojan Women: A Love Story such a rewarding, triumphant experience:

  • Our donors, who believed in us enough to give to us so that we could give back to you.
  • Our audiences, whose engagement, excitement, and support we find so rewarding.
  • Our publicity team, who spread the word so effectively we sold out every night.
  • Our artists, for whom we are incredibly grateful for their trust and commitment to the collaborative process. Trojan Women included artists from a variety of disciplines including: actors, singers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, directors, costume designers, dollmakers, set designers, lighting designers, dramaturgs, video artists, and stage managers.

Artists' Theater of Boston is a theater company dedicated to artistic collaboration in the production of low-cost, accessible theater that critically deconstructs and recreates influential work.

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