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Our Friday 3/7 and Saturday 3/8 shows are sold out, but tickets are still available to this weekend's shows! To reserve a seat, please email

Charles Mee's re-telling of the classic story by Euripides explores the lingering pains of war in a world stratified by gender. The story is told in two parts:

The first, set immediately after the Trojan War, centers around the women of Troy as they are confronted by the men of Greece and stripped of any agency and power over their lives that they once held. Some are taken as slaves; others killed. Attempts by Queen Hecuba to secure some semblance of dignity for her family are met with sheer, uncompromising disempowerment. Finding strength to fight in this post-war society results in the women creating the same forms of oppression they have been subjected to all their lives.

The second piece of the story takes place in Carthage, a world created and built by women, who refused to be defeated by the effects of war. This society, led by Queen Dido, strives to rid their community of patriarchal oppression. This society is loving, beautiful, filled with music, and peaceful. However, over time we learn that the oppressive cycles the city of Carthage vowed to keep out are not so simply broken.

Trigger warnings: violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

Tickets will be pay-what-you-can ($5 starting point, greater contributions appreciated). There will be a talk back after each performance.

Shows will be Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, and one Sunday performance on 3/2 at 8 pm, from February 21st to March 8th at Sprout in Davis Square (339R Summer St., Somerville, MA - map: Please give yourself ample time to arrive; because of the orientation of the set, there can be no late seating.

Directions to Sprout


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From Davis Square, walk down Elm St., and bear left onto Summer St. After passing the orthodontist's office (Dr. Butt) on the left, you will see a red house on the left. Walk down the driveway with the red house on your right and the off-white house on your left. The entrance to sprout (see right) has a multi-colored garage door.