Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?: A Study Guide

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains frequent references to intimate partner violence/partner manipulation, colonialism and imperialism, and governmental acts of terror. It’s an age old question, pondered by everyone from Meat Loaf in his song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” to a smitten Sandy in the musical ‘Grease (Live!)’ which currently […]

Towards Accessibility: A Very Brief History of Racism and Elitism in the American Theater

For a global, ancient, community-based art form with potentially nil overhead costs, theater sure has a snooty rep. The art of drama began thousands, perhaps millions, of years ago, probably right around the first cave paintings and the first cave-people humming a jaunty tune. This art is old. And that begs the question; what even […]