Bronte Velez

Bronte Velez, graced with a peach for a heart, reps Atlanta, GA. A Posse scholar and senior at Brandeis University, she will receive a B.F.A in May 2016 in her independently designed interdisciplinary major, “The Arts, Identity, and Community Building” that focuses on how creative arts praxis can lead to the deconstruction and challenge of systemic violence, redefine oppressed groups’ relationships to their communities, land, and themselves, and build alternative realities that contextualize the past, radicalize the present, and actualize a more just future. She is currently working on a thesis that works through a historical recovery of a near-distant future utilizing magical realism organizing and pedagogy as an act of decolonizing community imagination that will offer up methods we can practice in our today. Versed in several mediums, she believes in all forms of making as a way to actively work towards corporeally and visually offering up marginalized truths through herself and alongside the folks she has the privilege to encounter and grow with. Post-grad, as she embarks as a Spiritual Ecology fellow, she hopes to strengthen methods of animating spirit within our material encounters, as one of many rich ways to reconsider how we live, breathe, and give while we are in the world.