Our Core Team

In accordance with our belief in challenging structures of oppression, Artists’ Theater of Boston operates as a collective. Core Members meet several times monthly to collaborate on ongoing projects and each have a voice in the direction of the company. We value transparency, active listening and the de-centering of power, and strive to validate the various identities within each of us, as well as those represented in our broader communities: Bostonian, American, and beyond.

ATB believes that creativity is a renewable resource only if we take the time to renew it. While we value dedication, we recognize that each member’s capacity will fluctuate throughout their time with ATB and aim to be accordingly flexible. All of our Core Members are artists and we affirm each individual’s passions and priorities. Core Members commit to supporting Artists’ Theater as their skills and talents best allow. ATB likewise commits to providing opportunities for artistic engagement and growth for our Core Members as we pursue our mission.

We recognize both the usefulness and the limitations of labels. As such, our roles are fluid. Labels listed below should be interpreted as functional rather than circumscribing the artistic engagement of any member.

If you are interested in working with ATB, feel free to drop us a line on our contact page.


Anneke Reich

Artistic & Producing

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Stephanie K Brownell

Management & Literary

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Maurice Palmer

Equity & Inclusion

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Greg Lam


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Rylee Kuberra


Ben Leiberson

Design & Technical