Micah Rosegrant (they/them)


This triptych of triptychs, or trinity of trinities if you will, makes holy again what Christianity and masculinity desecrate on the daily: genderfluid life across time and space. In this series, titled “Lakapati”, “Goddexx”, and “Android”, I explore transfuturism as a landscape wherein trans people are sacred, wherein our futures are abundant and liberated from those who hunger for our extinction. In reckoning with how Spanish Catholicism violently colonizes Tagalog people into a gender binary, I reclaim prayer, the museum, and religious iconography as possible sites of spiritual healing for queer and trans peoples.

Now let me dissolve from trying to be legible to capitalists: I’ll write in a bio that I’m a “mestizx bayoguin wordsworker who excavates history to remember and affirm genderfluid life”, and that’s (arguably) true but what’s more true is this: there is a mainstream American theory—shared across liberals, conservatives, et al alike—that one’s “identities” are static, that they matter intrinsically and are innate to us even though certain language around talking about them may change. Many scholars and artists—including but far from limited to Stuart Hall, Adolph Reed Jr., John McWhorter, Hilton Als, Claudia Rankine, and Ocean Vuong—rightfully interrogate that argument of identity, and destabilize how we talk about ourselves under this stage of American (and global) capitalism. They question how identity serves, and doesn’t serve, us. Hall argues what’s more valuable is the process of identification, a verb rather than the noun of identity, a process used less as a means of trying to understand oneself—for what does that truly ever mean?—and more as a means of understanding one’s positionality to community, to decolonization, and to other urgent movements. I hope my work—in all its twinky, high-faggot autotheory glory and mess—challenges how you think about how we have arrived at constructions including ‘masculinity’, ‘femininity’, and ‘gender’. I hope by deconstructing my own “identity”, I influence and expand what memory and imagination you access on an everyday basis to inform your movements through this world.

More simply: whoever you are reading this, I hope you enjoy my art and my words, and it’s okay if you don’t, but regardless: if you have the means today (and deep down, I think you know who you are), I hope you pay reparations to a Black and/or Indigenous person who is two-spirit and/or trans. Follow me @micah_pdf on twitter or instagram for resources and/or to be in conversation with me about whatever.

More from the artist: bit.ly/micahrosegrant