Maggie Markham

It’s impossible to think of masculinity without acknowledging how far I’ve come and where I come from. Lineage. I come from a lineage of men who are soft, sensitive, gritty, salt-of-the-earth providers. The men in my family, and especially my father, are lovers at heart. They are curious, creative, adventurous, hilarious. Mostly, the men in my family are generous. They have taught me the importance of giving all that I have, expressing gratitude, and taking full responsibility to care for my self and loved ones. We have a responsibility to our community, our Earth, our land, with the power have been given. We are stewards of the land, stewards of each other, and we are all walking each other home. The men in my lineage have taught me strength in following your own compass, the softness of our hearts, the love and passions we long for.

We are unshakable power when standing in the light of our love

We owe nothing to no one and yet we have great responsibility

We follow the guidance of our hearts and give all that we have, knowing that the Earth is abundant

We provide for our communities knowing we are held and provided for by the Earth

We take what we need, and leave the rest

This land is not mine, nor ours

We are the land’s

We share all that we are given and blessed with

We understand the meaning of sacrifice, to make something sacred

We understand we are most generously flowing when we tend to our own waters, not sacrifice ourselves dry

We find power in surrender, listening. Humility and honest acknowledgement of our mistakes.

We understand we have the potential to harm others

We ask for forgiveness and keep trying tenderness

We see power in serenity


Movement Collage Video


I made a playlist you can use to explore your own relationship to masculinity,
maybe with intuitive movement, writing, or drawing

You can find the playlist here on both Spotify and YouTube

May this music bring you healing, insight, and delight!

What story am I telling?

The story of Peter Pan growing up

The story of a man shaking his butt, wearing a skirt, feeling liberated and playful

The story of a benevolent leader who learns to practice his passions with patience, dedicated to joys, pleasures, arts, delightful generosity

The story of a man who
leads with speaks from works with
his heart

The Lover

The Hero, swift up the mountain
swift, from the heart!

The story of a man who councils and tempers his fears
who learns how to respond out of empowered compassionate choice, not to react out of anger

The story of a man who surrenders and succeeds
soften and find power
surrender, be like water, find power
who lightens his heart
tries a little tenderness
fails at it
and tries more tenderness

The story of a man who learns
there are safe ways to express
anger violence resistance distraction repression