Trojan Women: A Love Story

Trojan Women: A Love Story By Charles Mee

2/21 - 3/8

Charles Mee

This re-telling of the classic story by Euripides explores the lingering pains of war in a world stratified by gender.

The story is told in two parts. The first, set immediately after the Trojan War, centers around the women of Troy as they are confronted by the men of Greece and stripped of any agency and power over their lives that they once held. Some are taken as slaves; others killed. Attempts by Queen Hecuba to secure some semblance of dignity for her family are met with sheer, uncompromising disempowerment. Finding strength to fight in this post-war society results in the women creating the same forms of oppression they have been subjected to all their lives.

The second piece of the story takes place in Carthage, a world created and built by women, who refused to be defeated by the effects of war. This society, led by Queen Dido, strives to rid their community of patriarchal oppression. This society is loving, beautiful, filled with music, and peaceful. However, over time we learn that the oppressive cycles the city of Carthage vowed to keep out are not so simply broken.

Trigger warnings: violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault


Katie Bond Heashot
Katie Bond
Will Bowry Headshot
Will Bowry
(Jim Talbythius)
No Headshot
Eliza Dumais
(Spa Worker Helen)
Molly Gilbert Headshot
Molly Gilbert
(Dido Cassandra)
Annie Hochheiser Headshot
Annie Hochheiser
Alyce Householter Headshot
Alyce Householter
(Andrea Aimable)
Will Jobs Headshot
Will Jobs
Corrie Legge Headshot
Corrie Legge
(Alice Chea)
Bailey Libby Headshot
Bailey Libby
(Carol Valerie)
Ervin Melara
(Soldier Menelaus)
Keith Nolen Headshot
Keith Nolen
(Joe Ray Bob)
Ernest Paulin Headshot
Ernest Paulin
(Eddie Bill)
Anneke Reich Headshot
Anneke Reich
(Spa Worker Andromache)
Allison Tucker Headshot
Allison Tucker
(Letty Eisa)


Tony Rios Headshot
Tony Rios

Greg Storella Headshot
Greg Storella
No Headshot
Krystal Doulbakian
Stage Manager
Anneke Reich Headshot
Anneke Reich
Producer, Musical Director, Costume Designer
Will Jobs Headshot
Will Jobs
Ben Lieberson Headshot
Ben Lieberson
Lighting and Set Designer
Allison Tucker Headshot
Allison Tucker
Fight Choreographer
Bailey Libby Headshot
Bailey Libby
Assistant Musical Director
No Headshot
Sofia Theodore-Pierce
Video Artist
No Headshot
John Crittenden
Props Master
Coriana Swartz Headshot
Coriana Swartz
Doll Maker
Tom King Headshot
Tom King
Amelia Lumpkin Headshot
Amelia Lumpkin
Assistant Costume Designer

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