Announcing ATB’s 19/20 Season


The Uncomfortable Conversation

A Collaborative Video Project

Ongoing, Beginning September 2019

ATB will begin our season embarking on a year-long volunteer project, combining the shared missions of several incredible organizations as we work together to normalize conversations about sexual assault and healthy and unhealthy relationships through education and action-oriented projects for people of all ages.



April 2020

T(estosterone) follows two trans and gender non-conforming best friends on a trip to Planned Parenthood as Blue gets on T to transition and Lee gets off T to get pregnant. Is testosterone the holy grail of (trans)masculinity, or is it just another drug? T is an investigation into real trans lives and an intervention into oversimplified narratives that surround testosterone as hormone replacement therapy. Join us in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood as we follow stories that embody the diversity and complexity of real gender processes.

The Masculinity Project

A Devised New Work

Summer 2020

This devised ensemble piece will explore the nuanced social, cultural, and political roles of masculinity, and its complex relationships to the personal narratives of people with differing gender and sexual identities.The piece seeks to speak what is too often unspoken around masculine identities and hopes to illicit new and healing conversation as a result.

She Eats Apples

By Stephanie K. Brownell
Directed by Jasmine Brooks

Fall 2020

She Eats Apples is a nonlinear exploration of rape culture as seen through the eyes of four teenagers embroiled in the complexities of growing up. The play asks: How can we imagine a culture of consent and healthy relationships when we are embroiled in the complex web of rape culture, when we are taught through media, casual conversation, and uncritiqued views of history that what doesn’t feel right inside our own bodies, is just normal?


Policarpa: A Staged Reading 

By Diana Burbano

January 2020

In the near future, an inexplicable plague infests La Gran Colombia. Ingrid Bolivar–the brilliant, mad ex-wife of Colombia’s leader–is the only one who knows that the plague is carried by young women of the streets, whom she adopts and uses as weapons against the government. But when Policarpa, Ingrid’s secret weapon, falls in love with a top government official, she resists becoming an instrument of destruction and instead seeks to become a savior through sacrifice.

Tempest Reconfigured

in Partnership with Fort Point Theater Channel 

November 2019

ATB is excited to partner with Fort PointTheater Channel as well as several incredible arts organizations to create a collage-piece of short works drawing on themes from The Tempest, such as the consequences of colonialism, racism, gender stereotypes, immigration, and climate change.