The Masculinity Project

a virtual gallery

This interactive virtual gallery will bring together the work of artists in different media to explore the nuanced social, cultural, and political roles of masculinity, and its complex relationships to the personal narratives of the artists presenting work in the gallery. The process aims to artistically analyze the history of masculinity, evaluate our current performance of it, and provide a roadmap for creating a new dynamic for the way we engage with it. The piece seeks to speak what is too often unspoken around masculine identities and hopes to elicit new and healing conversations as a result.

Call for Artists

Artist’s Theater of Boston is looking for artists working in all media to take part in The Masculinity Project! We invite artists of all genders, ethnoracial identities, and embodiments to apply. Black, Indigenous, and other POC artists are greatly encouraged to apply.

The Masculinity Project is an artistic endeavor aiming to evaluate and redefine what it means to perform masculinity. Artists excited about analyzing and sharing their relationship with masculinity are strong candidates for this project.  Artists will work as a group to analyze the history of masculinity, discuss and critique our current practices, and imagine new ways of being masculine. Group meetings will operate as dramaturgical support and a springboard for each artist to create their own piece of art centered around their personal experience of masculinity.  The project will culminate in a presentation via a virtual gallery. The gallery will open on November 14th, followed by a Zoom Q&A with the artists. 

We want to include as many artistic media as possible to reflect the complexity and broadness of this subject—Visual Artists, Digital Artists, Writers, Theatrical Performers, and Song Writers, etc. All artists will be paid a stipend of $115 for the creation of a piece of art that encompasses their personal evaluation and performance of Masculinity.  All artists will be required to read excerpts and articles and to interact in group discussions. Those able to brainstorm, collaborate, and communicate well with others are best suited for this process. The construction of the virtual gallery is imperative to the project and therefore we will need one Web Designer/Coder. If you have those skillsets please let us know in your initial email. 

Meetings/Workshop sessions will happen once a week for 3 weeks starting the week of October 19th. Group meetings will be 90 minutes long and the meeting day will depend on the availability of the chosen group of artists. One additional meeting (30 – 60min) with Maurice (Director) will be required to design/coordinate the virtual presentation of your piece of art. 

To apply please send a resume or portfolio to and a statement of 100-300 words on why this project appeals to you. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until an artistic cohort is formed. We aim to confirm artists by mid-October.

Project Coordinator

Maurice Palmer (they/them/theirs) is a performer, educator, and producer dedicated to using the arts as a means to inspire community engagement, and provide representation to racially diverse and LGBTQ+ communities. Maurice received their BA in Theatre from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2016. While studying there they operated as the president and executive producer of the African American Student Association of Theatre & Film where they produced the works of underrepresented playwrights and created safe spaces for the ethnically diverse population of UNLV. They’ve worked as an actor, director, producer, and teaching artist in the Boston area since 2017, and are currently in transition to Atlanta, Georgia where they will develop their career via television and film. Maurice is delighted to be apart of ATB’s core team and is ready to create and inspire change with the company.

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